Caddie Woodlawn was one of those books that had to be read two chapters at a time before bed because the slightest pause was met with multiple cries of, “Oh please, Mom! Please! Just a little bit more!” I kept going for my sake as much as theirs!

This book is similar to Little House On The Prairie, but funnier! A true story, written by Caddie’s granddaughter, Caddie Woodlawn records the experience of a 12-year-old, red-headed tomboy growing up in Wisconsin during the 1800s.

Not at all ladylike, Caddie gets caught up in many wild (and amusing) adventures with her brothers, but her character is marked by immense kindness and bravery as she risks her own life to warn her Indian friends of her neighbors’ plan to kill them after hearing false rumors of an impending massacre.

Her love for the Indians and ability to see all men as equals prevents needless loss of life and helps her own neighbors overcome their prejudice.

Full of great dialogue, the story of Caddie Woodlawn introduces us to interesting characters like Father, wise and level-headed (and almost nobility!); Uncle Edmund the jokester and near-sighted pigeon catcher; prissy cousin Annabelle from Boston who is so much to play tricks on; Hetty, the youngest sister and self-appointed talebearer; Obadiah Jones, the bully of the school, and many more!

Caddie Woodlawn is a delight for all ages with many character-building lessons and heart-warming moments, making it a wonderful family read aloud. No home library should be without it!