One of the great tragedies of modern education is that very few people graduate without the most basic understanding of economics. Most adults today don’t know:
where money comes from,

  • why the Federal Reserve exists and what function it serves,
  • what inflation is and how it affects our personal life,
  • why federal debt is a bad thing,
  • or how individual liberty and economic prosperity are connected to each other.

We are made to believe that Economics is a topic best left for experts, but in Richard Maybury’s book, Whatever Happened To Penny Candy?, he clearly and concisely explains these concepts a way that children as young as 10 years old can understand!

Taking on the persona of “Uncle Eric,” the economist and author answers letters from his “nephew,” Chris, about all the things we wanted to know about money, but were too afraid to ask.

My husband actually bought this book shortly after we met, over 17 years ago. He came across it on my parents’ bookshelf, and even though it was meant for my then 11 year-old sister, at 22, he found it to be the best explanation of economics he had ever seen, and promptly ordered a copy of Whatever Happened To Penny Candy? for himself!

(Since then, we have collected all of Maybury’s books, but Whatever Happened To Penny Candy? will always be the favorite.)

If you feel that a proper understanding of how money works is crucial for adulthood, Whatever Happened To Penny Candy? is a highly recommended resource for any adult, or child aged 10+.