Tony Hutter’s 5-book series, Spurgeon Stories For Children, is a family favorite! We bought them a few years ago to read with our older kids, and I just pulled them out again so our younger ones don’t miss out on this excellent introduction to the ‘Prince of Preachers,’ Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

There are 52 stories in each book, and each one uses an interesting illustration from either Spurgeon’s personal life or one of his sermons to expound upon a Scriptural truth.

The stories are very memorable, and just as enjoyable for children to hear (they hold the attention of our 4 year old), as they are to read. They would also make great gifts for elderly people who have difficulty holding larger books, but love to be reminded of these simple, precious truths!

(The kids knew I was writing up a recommendation for these books and one of our girls asked me to disclose that the content isn’t as childish as the covers look!)

Short and sweet, each chapter is only two pages, making Spurgeon Stories for Children a wonderful way to close a meal, a sweet send off to bed, or a weekly Sabbath reading.