Owls In the Family by Farley Mowat was one of the books we enjoyed reading over a Winter break.

If you have outdoor-loving, animal-hoarding, adventure-pursuing kids, this humorous account of boyish fun will only serve to deepen their interests (or spark it, if it’s not already there! )

A fun narrative involving a young boy, his two friends, and the adoption of two owlets that prove to be a challenge just as much as a delight, Owls In the Family opens the door for discussion on the proper treatment of animals and gives us a glimpse into the geography of the Canadian prairies.

There were several eruptions of giggles throughout the story and I am certain we will never go for a nature walk again without looking at the base of the trees for regurgitated rodent remains (evidence of hooooooo lives there).

I learned more about owls from this book than I ever have in my life! If you’re interested in studying birds or Canadian geography, Owls In The Family would make a great addition to your living library.

Recommended as a read aloud, or for children ages 12 and under (especially enjoyable for young boys).