This book has seen better days, but its worn cover, loose binding, and dog-eared pages speak volumes (no pun intended); Indian Captive, The Story of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski is a well-loved living book that I’ve enjoyed since I was as young as our children are now!

The story is always moving quickly, so it’s an excellent choice for keeping the attention of boys, younger children, or anyone who bores easily!

Based on the real life of Mary Jemison (“Molly”), this work of historical fiction takes place during the French and Indian War during the mid 1750s.

Molly was captured for retribution to replace a Seneca boy who was killed by the British. The Senecas love and care for this blonde haired American girl as one of their own, but she struggles with real feelings of grief, loss, and abandonment.

When she learns that her family has died, Molly must choose whether or not to stay with the Senecas, or go back to her own culture.

There are lots of emotions in Indian Captive! A treasured bed-time read aloud that can be enjoyed by the whole family!