“Cows have two ears.

Truth? Or lie?

Rocks are hard.

Truth? Or lie?

Horses have eight legs.

Truth? Or lie?

How do you know that last statement is a lie? You know because you have seen horses. You know they have four legs. Since you know the truth about horses, you know the lie is a lie. To catch lies, you must know the truth.

Here is the greatest truth in the whole world and one of God’s many names: God is Jehovah-El Emeth, the LORD God of Truth….”

That’s an excerpt from this wonderful book, God’s Names, by Sally Michael, a book we read a chapter from every day at lunch.

Did you know, that God has over 700 names and titles?!

Each one tells us a little bit about His character. He is so big and so great, it takes over 700 names to tell us how wonderful He is!

This book barely scratches the surface of His magnitude, but learning about 23 of God’s names and their meanings was helpful in understanding His glory a wee bit more.

I found God’s Names to be an excellent resource for children ages 3-8, and greatly enjoyed reading it myself. Highly recommended!