Cue For Treason is one of those books I enjoyed reading so much as a kid, it got put on my mental “must read to my own children” list.

I found a used copy at a local bookstore a few years ago, and was pleased our children enjoyed it as much as I had.

The book doesn’t inform the reader of Shakespeare’s works and ways directly, but it sets the stage (no pun intended) for future readings of his plays. We are introduced to life in Elizabethan England through the eyes of an aspiring young actor, and accidental apprentice of Shakespeare himself.

From the very beginning of the book, this work of historical fiction by Geoffery Trease has a page-turning plot that includes a plethora of adventures and surprises in the young actors’ attempt to foil an assassination of the Queen!

If the works of Shakespeare will be required reading for your child, Cue for Treason is a fantastic appetizer! Transcending gender and age, it will certainly accomplish the task of making old English literature vogue again!

I’d recommend this book as family read aloud, or for children ages 10 and up.